Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Great Lists of Proverbs 30

If you are a list lover, Solomon's writing in this chapter is right up your alley. He introduces himself as Agur (received), the son of Jakeh (obedient), and is writing to the symbolic persons of Ithiel (God has arrived) and Ucal (devoured) (not in Berkley, btw).  

The Two Daughters of the Horseleach:
Give and Give

4 Things never Satisfied:
The Grave
The Barren Womb
The Parched Ground
The Burning Fire

4 Things Too Wonderful:
The Eagle in the Air
The Snake on the Rock
The Ship in the Sea
The Suitor with a Maid

4 Things that Shake the Earth:
A Servant in Charge
A Full Fool
A Hateful Married Woman
A Woman, Servant Heir to Her Mistress

4 Little Things From Whom We Learn Much:
An Ant in its Preparation
A Rock Rabbit in its Habitation
A Locust in its Congregation
A Spider in its Occupation
(Relate these to the Christian)

Four Things Which are Comely in Going:
The Lion, Lord of the Jungle
The Greyhound, Lord of the Track
The He Goat, Lord of the Mountain
The King, Lord of His People

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Solomon often added .... And there was also .... To his list of four ...