Monday, October 22, 2012

Say Hey to Red!

Rom 16:13  Salute Rufus chosen in the Lord, and his mother and mine.

You know who Rufus was, don't you? He was most likely the son of Simon the Cyrenian, the man compelled to carry Jesus' cross.  Mark 15:21.

Talk about heritage! Add to that that this man's mother was so dear to Paul that he called her his mom also.

Rufus means red, so I am thinking he was red-headed. That puts him in company with David and Esau. Now, that is no small consideration, seeing how history paints his daddy as a black man.

Never-the-less, Rufus was very special in his own right. Though he had a great heritage, he himself was chosen in the Lord. Henry says he was one of a thousand for integrity and holiness. Jamison, Faucett and Brown say that he is the choice or precious one in the Lord.

Imagine that this man is singled out for special recognition by the Apostle and chronicled in the Word of God as a special servant of the Lord.

All rank and file Christians have a new name written down in glory, A few chosen ones are also written in these eternal pages.

Go Big Red!

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