Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Local Church

What a wonderful place the local church is, especially, one like ours. Though no one claims we are anywhere near perfect, there is a lot offered for which we can be thankful. Ours isn’t the only church, nor would we boast that ours is the best, but it is the bride of Christ, much cherished by the Savior.

I think of what the local church offers and I am blown away by God’s blessing to us because of the church.

Church is a social outlet where we can come, not only for friendship, but for fellowship. It is a place where love flows, where grace and forgiveness are plentiful and God is seen living and working in the lives of His followers.

And He does work in the church. He promised that when believers are gathered together in His name to worship Him and do His bidding, that is where He would present Himself. No other place on earth can offer this.

Add to that the support that one receives, the practical and inspirational teaching, preaching, prayer and music that is the norm, the counsel that is available and you have a winning combination.

Jesus loves the church, and so should we. He loved it so much, He died for it. Shouldn’t we love it enough to attend it, support it, pray for it and participate in it? I say, Amen and Amen!

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