Wednesday, October 25, 2017

If I Were a Rich Man

The tale of three very rich men in the book of Luke

1) The Rich Old Miser. 16:19-31
2) The Rich Young Ruler. 18:18-23
3) The Rich Little Publican. 19:1-10

One was carried away to hell, suffering because of his stinginess.
One went away sorrowing, because of his covetousness.
One came down joyfully, because of his resourcefulness.

One was brought up with a silver spoon because he was privileged, but he went
away condemned for his hedonism.
One was brought up righteous but went away a sinner condemned for his idolatry.
One was brought up a sinner, but that day, salvation came to his house because of
His obedience .

Riches, they are what you make of them. Or, you are what they make of you! 

There are two other rich men depicted in this gospel:

*Joseph, the rich man of Arimathaea, who cared for the body of Jesus and placed
him in his own tomb (Lk 23:50-53) Joseph represents all believers who use their
resources for the propagation of the Gospel. (The Gospel is the death, burial and
resurrection of Jesus.)

*The rich man who called his steward to accountability (Lk 16:1-8) and
commended the steward for his wise use of his master’s riches. This rich man
represents He Who owns the cattle on a thousand hills and commissions His 
stewards to invest wisely in the Kingdom. 

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