Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Moses, A life Amazing.

Born and raised in Egypt, Moses lived 80 years in the desert and the wilderness, and ultimately died on a mountain in Moab.
He is considered the greatest Jewish prophet, but not technically a prophet.
He is the only person ever who spoke to God face to face.
Was Moses perfect? No! He had an anger control problem, yet he was as meek as can be. He had a speech impediment, he was a stutterer, yet he was a spokesman to millions.
It is also obvious he possessed feelings of inadequacy.
At the end of his 120 very unique years, he claimed he could no longer go out and come in, but God said his natural force was not abated.
And then there is Deut 34, the account of his passing. Did Moses write his own epitaph?

Following is what his life teaches us, or, Moses's other top ten:
1. God is sovereign. (Seen in his birth, his mother as his wet nurse, his life in the palace.)
2. God can use us in spite of our inadequacy. (Anger, speech impediment)
3. God can make leaders out of introverts.
4. Mistakes CAN be fatal, but God still wants to use us. (Striking the rock, rather than speaking to it).
5. Intercessory prayer is extremely effective. (If not for Moses repeatedly falling on his face on behalf of Israel, there would be no Israel).
6. God's promises are sure, even if it takes 40 years, or 1500 years. (Moses appeared with Elijah and Jesus on a mountain IN the Promised Land).
7. Being alone in a desert place might not be a bad thing. It's easier for God to get our attention in obscurity. (The burning bush).
8. People will miserably fail you, but you have to keep on serving the God Who will never fail you.
9. God wants to use that which you have even though it may seem inconsequential (Moses's rod, Samson's jawbone of a donkey, etc).
10. You and God are a majority.

PS. God always recompenses His servant.

Moses...Great man, great example, great servant of a great God.

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