Friday, January 2, 2015

The Accusations of a Small Man

Job 8

Bildad the Shuhite - get it? Shoe height?

It is said that some people are a blessing where ever they go. Others are a blessing whenever they go! 

Bildad is a small man because of his inflated conception of his own wisdom. He represents religion, making mention of God, but having no understanding of Him. Bildad is an OT Pharisee who would fit in well today with some of the judgmental brethren.

See if the way he deals with a needy "friend" sounds familiar to you. Here are his accusations against righteous Job.

"You are full of hot air" 2
"You just don't get God" 3
"Your kids are sinners" 4
"You aren't praying like you should" 5
"If you were right with God, surely you'd prosper" 6
"You forget God" 13
"You are a hypocrite" 13
"If you were right with God, you wouldn't be forsaken" 20
"You won't get any help from Him because you are a sinner" 20

It is no wonder this poor, put upon man, Job, concludes later on "miserable comforters are ye all!"

When you happen upon a brother or sister in pain, have some compassion and use wisdom as you minister to them. Be very careful about making accusations, veiled or overt. God pairs us with needy souls to minister, to reach out to them, to lift them up, to offer hope and tangible assistance. Don't be the small, judgtmental, accusatory person who exacerbates misery.

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