Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The day I skipped church....

I disobeyed God.
I forsook the assembling of myself together with other believers.
I missed out on some good fellowship.
I greatly disappointed and hurt my pastor and my teacher.
I missed the blessing God had in store especially for me.
I was a bad example to the young believers and the children.
I showed how lazy I am.
I showed what my priorities really are.
I failed to exhort and be exhorted.
I showed I don't love Jesus because I didn't keep His commandment.
I took another step toward being backslidden.
I put a chink in my armour.
I let the devil have a victory.
I showed that I don't love his bride like He loves his bride.
I missed a good meal that was fixed especially for me...I was invited, but I blew it off.
I showed that I don't support the work whole-heartedly.
I missed a life being changed, a should being saved, a family being reunited, a body being healed, a revival taking root.
I opted not to worship Jesus.
I didn't get to sing praises, give a testimony, respond to the message, take some useful notes or contribute to the offering.
But hey, I watched some TV, didn't have to get all dressed up, stayed comfortable, and wasn't taken on a guilt trip. But now I feel guilty.

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