Monday, September 9, 2013

The Spirit entered into Ezekiel

Be prepared for a whole new ball game when the Spirit falls upon you!  For Ezekiel (and for us), the Spirit:

1. Stood him up - He places us where we need to be and puts us in a position to be used mightily.

2. Spoke to him - it is no longer man's words, but the Lord's. God's Spirit imbues us with utterance, fills us with wisdom and grants us power above and beyond human capability.

3. Sent him - the Spirit-filled servant is sent as an ambassador to do the bidding of the King.

Imagine Ezekiel taking on this task dependent on his own strength, in the power of his flesh. Jonah comes to mind! "The arm of flesh will fail you, ye dare not trust your own."

Whatever job and ministry you are tasked with today, be sure to be filled with the Holy Spirit, you will be successful, blessed, and thankful for His filling.

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