Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Camp Beth Eden

Camp Report

Theme: More of Him, Less of Me

Imagine a world where there is no TV, no politics, no outside threats, no news, no newspapers, no mention, even once, of Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, no cell phones, no video games, but a lot of fellowship, preaching twice a day, the best food you could imagine, a river, trees and grass, decent weather, a pool, play areas, nature, great attitudes from 99.5% of the people and lots of praising, good singing and people getting right with God and making life changing decisions, and you have our camp Beth Eden 2012 experience of last week!

We took 11 campers with us. There were 175 paid campers, but over 200 people on campus. We saw 18 saved, 6 called to full-time service, 11 submit to believer’s baptism in their local churches. Others came for assurance, rededication, etc.

In my estimation, there could not have been a better camp. It was problem free, from the trip there, to camp, and back home again. If a camp director were to write a script for how a camp should go, this was exactly how it should play out.

Bro. Terry Brown, Chef Ed and Camp Facilitator Andrew Feistal were tremendous hosts.

Evangelist Kent York kept us in stitches with his humor and inspired us with his preaching. He did a marvelous job and we were honored to have him as our camp speaker. He is top drawer! I cannot say enough about the counselors, the pastors, youth leaders and others who contributed to ease the work load and make camp what it was, a spiritual and pleasurable camp experience. The young people were the kindest, most well-behaved, most involved I have witnessed in 34 years of ministry. You just don’t get that many kids together and see this kind of cohesiveness.

And I must laud my dear wife, Lynn, for all her hard work, mostly behind the scenes, to make camp extra special. She is a jewel, the fairest of ten thousand. There has never been a better better half!

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