Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Daily Habit:

Every Christian needs a devotional life. Too much is at stake in our lives to not first spend time with our Lord in His Word and in prayer.
Imagine an airline pilot jumping out of bed, downing a cup of coffee on the way to his plane, firing up the jumbo jet and taking off without ever consulting with the control tower, without going through his start up checklist. That would be crazy! He would be headed for sure and certain calamity.
A child of God without a devotional life is a defeated and frustrated Christian operating in the power of the flesh. This is tantamount to swimming in peanut butter, extra crunchy!
I don’t set myself up as any kind of great example to other believers. However, I do thank the Lord for the opportunity to face each day with the confidence that there is no place I will go today that He has not already been.
Following is my daily regimen:
Get Filled with the Word (reading) This is my daily Provision
Get Filled with a Thought (meditation) This is my daily Pondering
Get Filled with the Spirit (power) This is my daily Power
Get Filled with a Need (ministry) This is my daily Portion
Get Filled with God’s Fellowship (prayer) This is my daily Passion

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Your graphics are great, Pastor! Swimming in peanut butter may be fun, but it sure would be hard.

Easy to remember the message with that image stuck to your peanut butter on the roof of your mouth!