Friday, May 23, 2014

Personal Preferences and the Destruction of the Work of God

Rom 14:20  For meat destroy not the work of God. All things indeed are pure; but it is evil for that man who eateth with offence.

In context, the work of God is the local church. (See gifts within the body in ch. 12)

How often do we see splinters and splits within Christ's body over personal preferences? Grace issues are parceled out and picked over by the weaker brethren who fail to recognize the greater picture of the functioning body.

The apostles faced this very problem when, at a counsel in Jerusalem, they concluded, "Look, don't eat blood, don't eat meat that has been strangled and don't commit fornication, otherwise, let people worship God and live their lives without a bunch of rules, accepting them as believers on par with the rest."

We are definitely intended to live our lives pleasing to God, the most of which proceeds from faith. We are to submit our bodies to Him as usable, holy vessels. But to pick at each other about what we eat and which days we observe is legalistic and divisive. How we do church and ministry may differ from church to church, week to week and person to person.  

Might I add that music styles, dress codes, political inclinations and the like can also divide and alienate those who are meant to cooperate in the work of God.

Next time you are tempted to ostracize or criticize another for their penchants, place your tongue firmly between your teeth and opt to shut up for the sake of the work of God. Your church demands that you respect the God-loving. grace-living people of your faith community.

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anantha said...

Excellent and every believer has more than 2 gifts of the Holy Spirit and these gifts should be used only for the glory of the Lord as well as
for the edification of the local church.
Thanking you sir,
yours co-worker in CHRIST,