Thursday, April 3, 2014

NYTV or the KJV

Are we in the ultimate days leading up to the rapture and tribulation? Read your Bible and the headlines of your newspaper. What the news is telling me is very reminiscent of the prophecies I have read about for years in the Scriptures. Whether you read the King James or the NY Times Version, it seems we better lift up our heads and keep our eyes on the skies, for our redemption draweth nigh.

Russian Invasions (Ezek 38, 39)
Earthquakes in Diverse Places - Chile, Oklahoma, Yellowstone, LA (Mt 24)
Mid-East Peace Talks  (Dan 9:27)
Apr. 15 Blood Moon (Joel 2, Acts 2)
Affordable Care Act Implanted Device  (Rev 13:16-18)
Pope’s Overtures to atheists, gays, evangelicals, mainline denominations, aliens, atheists (Rev 13:12)
Jews Clamoring for a Worship Edifice on the Temple Mount  (Mt 24:15)

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