Monday, April 21, 2014


I am perplexed. Slavery is unimaginably evil. I mean, one person owning another, buying and selling humans like cattle, splitting up families, mother's and sons, sisters and brothers, mistreating them, forcing them to live in squalid conditions. I thank God that we are enlightened enough as a society to be repulsed by the history of such barbarism.

And then, there was (and still is) the blight of antisemitism. Nazism, white supremicism, Arianism, have fomented a hatred of Jewish people simply by virtue of their noble race and religion. Those whom God has chosen to bless are despised by these ignoramuses bent on their annihilation. Modern America is appalled that such biased hatred could be fomented on a people because of their race.
It is a blessing that our culture is intolerant of the indignities and inhumanity of slavery and antisemitism.

But, why wouldn't we be as equally outraged at an even more egregious and heinous practice? Aren't we yet advanced enough, haven't we yet been enlightened enough to be angered and aggrieved that a large portion of our population is being brutalized and butchered. Tens of thousands who have no voice to put up for themselves are being abusively exterminated and we all turn a blind eye to their plight. Can it be, that in 2014 America, 4000 babies per day are sliced and diced, salinated and vacuumed from the womb to be tossed into trash cans or incinerated like the week's collection of garbage? Human lives are being snuffed out in the abortion mills by murderous, monstrous doctors that make Hitler's Mengela look like a sainted Sunday school teacher.

We no longer wince, we don't even wink at this evil anymore. We make a great show of our disdain for slavery and antisemitism and the suppression of women, but what about the slaughter of the innocents? Where is the disgust, the righteous indignation, the militant marching, the passionate protesting? If slaves were still being auctioned in the town squares, if women were being denied the right to vote, if Jews were being rounded up and sent to gas chambers, not a one of us would sleep comfortably at night. We would shout to the high heavens. Nothing would stop us from ending these obscene practices. But somehow we have salved our consciences about the murder of the babies. We may go days, weeks even months without even once ever stopping to consider the 1.5 American million babies a year who will never draw their first breath because they have been relegated to the status of tissue mass or unviable fetus.

May God have mercy! May He welcome each of the little martyrs personally into His glorious kingdom. May He mete out a righteous retribution to those who willfully end these little lives because they are unhandy, unwanted and inconvenient. May He offer a just recompense to those in the industry of profiting off the murder of little lives which are precious in the sight of God.
America, 2014. Civilized enough to abolish slavery, righteous enough to fight antisemitism, mature enough to grant women's suffrage, but somehow evil enough to continue to countenance abortion. 


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