Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Psalm for Perilous Times

In My Life:
He is my Light  1
He is my Salvation  1
He is my Strength of my life   1 
He is my Protector   1

In My Battles:
He causes my enemies to stumble and fall 2
He causes me to have confidence   3

In His House:
I find A dwelling place  4
I find A beauty (worship) 4
I find Answers to life's problems   4
I find A Hiding place   5
I find Solid footing   5
I find A place to praise  6

In my Heart and Mind:
He provides Joy   6
He provides Mercy   7
He provides Security    9, 10
He provides Guidance   11
He provides Reminders    13
He provides Patience   14

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