Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's Waiting for Me

You can have your lands and gold
All earth’s wealth and all it holds
I’m content with what I possess
The grace of God, true happiness

I don’t need to be well known
That can’t compare to what I own
A street of gold, a mansion fair
And gates of pearl await me there.

And, while you have your fair weather friends
I have One who loves without end
You can have it all and be the best
But when that’s done, then comes the test

What will be your eternity?
Will you burn or live with me?
Will everything for you be past?
Or do you have the gift that lasts?

Death or life, Heaven or hell,
When tolls the final funeral bell
Will you have received that prize
Or did you fall for Satan’s lies?

Turn now, receive the love that’s free
Come unto God, and you will see
There’s so much more than we’ve been told
Of all our eyes will soon behold.

A rainbow round and emerald seat
Where sits the King as angels meet
Holy, Holy is their song
While sainted millions sing along

My home so fair is built above
In that place where all is love
It’s all because a gift was given
Eternal life and a place in heaven.

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