Friday, April 23, 2010

Beautiful Spring

I am taking a time out from my usual burdened and cynical attitude to stop and smell the roses… and the lilacs and the apple blossoms, and admire the red buds, etc.
This is the most beautiful Spring I have ever seen. The blossoms on the trees and flowers are more sensory and alive than ever. Trees and bushes of varying hues of Red, pink, purple, burgundy and white are concurrently in full blossom all over town. Everything; temperature, moisture, etc., has come together to bring us the perfect spectrum of awesome color and scent. It is so therapeutic to see brown usurped by verdant luxury.

Add to that the tremendous blessing of our Wednesday night pray meeting, heavily laden with mission’s emphasis and I am one very happy camper! Our little group of just a score of adults was touched by the imminent need of our Mexican missionary for a down payment on a lot to build new building for a vibrant, fledgling mission. I thought our love offering to him might be the seed for the need. However, our folks responded by sacrificially giving the entire $500! Come to think of it, I haven’t cried for a while, I needed that!

Spring has sprung and God is good!!!

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